Omar Souto

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Born in 1946, em Itaberaí, Goiás, he started as a self-taught painter. The artist Caramuru stimulated him, in his own native city, and afterwards Siron Franco did it in Goiânia. The art critic Aline Figueiredo says of him: “ A son of Northeastern people, Omar Souto started as a painter of walls, posters and signs. From this type of activity, he inherited the naïve outlook and the identification with popular themes. When starting his artwork, he organized his ideas around the religiousness of the simple man who seeks consolation in the Trindade romarias, largest popular religious concentrations in Goiás. Afterwards he widened his scope to rural issues, encompass- ing a greater scenario. He then started to show the man from the hinterland, his ground, home, beliefs and evasion. By approaching this man in his difficulties in facing life, and his leaving behind the plantation in search of the cities, the artist expresses a social stance of great value in the agrarian and cattle-raising Center-West. Omar has created a physical characteristic for two figures, elongated and slender, to evidence suffering and famine. He adds to his characters tragic eyes, always gazing at the spectator. Despite the stylization of his still young works, the artist manages to define a particular position in the Goiano painting, performing his work in a way that is simple, direct, void of flourishes. From this spontaneity springs up an interesting naïve flavor, with hinterland simplicity.” Omar Souto participated in countless individual and collective shows, having received several prizes.

Size: 63 x 74 cm.

Price: R$ 5,000.00.

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