Alcides Santos

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Alcides Santos was born in 1945, in Recife, PE. He began painting in 1969, encouraged by the painter Antonio Cavalcanti, who teaches you technical guidance. Accurately reflecting the magic of this instinct painter Northeast, Olivio Tavares de Araújo wrote: “There is no doubt that his art reflects ominously deep and fathomless worlds. As the oldest, their works show themselves troubled and gloomy. And even in younger, survives the fantasy that inhabits the bottoms of the frames and – from the point of view pictorial – provides them the most fascinating part. I refer of course to those fish-birds, animals a nonexistent fauna often Bicefalos, with a head at each end of the body and loose random amoeboid forms in space, and the archetypal signs-stars, mandalas, snakes…”

Size: 50 x 70 cm.

Price: R$ 8,000.00.

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