Antonio Julião

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This is a Mineiro from Prados, a city near São João del Rey. Upon the death of Itamar, a acknowledged artist with works in the State Art Gallery, Antonio became the greatest name in the group of artists known as “The Julião Family”, which started a nucleus of sculptors on wood in the city of Prados, in the Sixties, becoming a tradition in the city that is today famous on account of this art. Antonio performs his works with creative force, originality and evident technical resources, within very large conceptions, generally columns sculpted out of one single trunk. His themes frequently reveal social and environmental criticism, while expressing themes like the senzala (degrading quarters where slaves lived) with evident social connotations and others that portray the utopian vision of man in harmony with nature, in paradise. Internationally renowned, especially among European collectors, Antonio Julião is one of the most appreciated current folk artists.

Size: 50 x 134 x 40 cm.

Price: R$ 50,000.00.

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