Dalton Costa

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Born in Goiânia/Goiás, in 1955, he now lives and maintains his painting and sculpture studio in Maceió – Alagoas. A contemporary artist with multiple techniques, his work is constructed from painting, sculpture and assemblages. One of the main characteristics of his art is the use of noble woods picked up from demolitions, doors and windows made of cedar wood, Brazilian walnut, laurel and guatambu. He performed extensive research travelling through the Northeast, in regions such as Vale do Catimbau, Chapada Diamantina and especially the São Francisco riverbanks. Of late he has been committed to video-documentaries on the life and work of folk artists, such as “Fernando Rodrigues, the Memory Guardian”, “D. Irinéia, Lady of the Clay” –being responsible for the direction and images of “The Playful Universe of Resendio”. His curriculum shows 10 individual exhibits and several collective ones, besides his being cited in the chief local art publications. Célia Campos, PhD in Arts by Universidade de São Paulo, wrote recently about his work: “Dalton Costa’s present production shows a profound transformation of his artistic expression, as if, at this moment, he had put aside all his former formal and technical experiences. In this show, the artist works up a discourse that attempts to say something “by means of things”, through assemblages with elements that are repeated in different modes of organization: hearts, ribbon bows, texts, and boxes. Each element is full of implicit meanings in these organizations. His refusal of the old technique gives birth at this point to the projectual technique, as conceptualized by Argan, which consists of taking and using things and images that are a part of the social context and local environment. One comes to this through collecting and possessing objects that belong to the world; it is the accumulation of things picked up, of things that are lived and that already have accomplished their original functions. There is an emphasis on the technique of the artisan, of the joiner, seeking to relate to the internal visceral layers of the chosen material. On the other hand, the artist’s voice becomes present through the texts that allude to the awareness of emptiness, of human fragility, of religiousness without answers, of the almost absence of hope… Such is the counterpoint between lived experience and its expressive manifestation. The artist wants to tell us something, he wants to turn us into accomplices of his experience, companions in his search, and for this purpose, he asks us to interact with his work, either touching his objects, or reading his discourse. This is an artistic production with a strong cathartic element that represents a journey into the suffering zone inside of the artist. However, because of its own force, it is a production capable of transcending the individual drama from which it was born. Here, each work, each word opens a small gap in the memory archive or revolves the matter feebly preserved in the attic of the unconscious mind. This is the path Dalton Costa seeks in order to find meaning within the creative space and continue existing as man and artist.

Size: 100 x 140 cm.

Price: R$ 10,900.00.

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