Espedito Seleiro

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Leather sandals made by Ceará Espedito Seleiro, specializing in artisan leather artifacts residing on Nova Olinda – CE. About his work have this snippet of an article published in the magazine “Casa” which says that “The grandfather and father, Espedito Seleiro, 73, inherited the wisdom of making leather goods for cowboys. This was the breadwinner of the family to 1985, when drought arrived in Ceará. “Needed to sustain ten brothers., but how?” the answer came to observe the model sandal made by the parent to Lampião, the king of cangaço, who walked through there in the 1930′s. “decided to play and it also created other footwear and handbags. “Business was so successful that the fame of Seleiro reached the ears of the Cavalera designers, designer clothes from São Paulo, seeking an artisan to craft leather pieces for a parade of Sao Paulo Fashion Week, in 2005. “

Size: nº 38.

Price: R$ 190.00.

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