Família Cândido

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The works made with clay by the Cândido Family, from the city of Juazeiro do Norte in the state of Ceará, belong to collections of important museums and private parties both in Brazil and abroad, and they add up to one of the most important collective assemblages within Brazilian folk art. It all started in beginning of the Seventies, when the family’s matriarch, Maria de Lurdes Cândido, started to mold clay toys for her daughters (little animals, stoves, pans, etc.) Afterwards, mother and daughters started to work together and, although they signed their initials, it is impossible to determine the authorship of the pieces. The works are set upon a foundation of clay plates upon which are fastened ornaments, objects and figures in high relief, forming three-dimensional group images. The themes approached are scenes of everyday life, family life and the hinterland folklore: a travelling family, courting in the square, a flute band, manual laborers, a family watching TV, mass and several other scenes.

Size: 31 x 20 x 7 cm.

Price: R$ 180.00.

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