Fé Córdula

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Francisco de Assis Córdula was born in Rio Grande do Norte in 1933 and has been living in Goiânia since 1974.He is a painter, sculptor and self-taught sketcher, having participated in numerous exhibits. Many important art critics have written about this artist’s work, among them João Evangelista Ferraz: “The magnificent pictorial works of Fé Córdula fully reflect, in a pure and objective manner, a profoundly illuminated symbiosis of faith, work, religiousness and very high creativity”. Another critic, Saturnino Ramon, expresses his vision of Fé Córdula’s work as follows: “What all of us until now knew and savored of the artist had the unmistakable hallmark of his own set of themes based on sacred and legendary folklore, fashioned with an popular hand-crafted language, of a virtuoso learning drawn from his first experience as a pottery decorator according to Portuguese tradition, and as a wood engraver. It had the mark of a special style that reminds us of the xylographic prints of the “estórias de cordel” (short handcrafted novels, illustrated by primitive art prints, very popular in the Northeast) of his Northeastern native land. (…) It was this affective, personal and spirited -spiritual aspect, so much alive in the works of this phase, which led me to the apparently enigmatic banks of some of his works that I call second phase. In them, I did not sense unwelcoming territory. I felt once again Fé Córdula’s volcanic heart, in the attempt to encounter and express his own self. However, there is a language metamorphosis: now the spaces are full and articulate, the colors mix and blend, the lines become free from hermetic language and dance to the sound of the rhythm that dictates the author’s profound motivation. (…) In the first phase, behind a concrete language, we discovered an abstract meaning; in this new phase, behind an abstract language, we find the support of a concrete language that becomes abstract because it is covert.”

Size: 78 x 80 cm.

Price: R$ 5,700.00.

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