Francisco Graciano

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Brejo Santo, Ceará, is a small town near Juazeiro do Norte, where Francisco Graciano lives (1965, Juazeiro do Norte – CE), also known as Mozinho dos Bonecos, the artist’s son Manuel Graciano Cardoso. It is the tranquility of silence alone, alone with his dogs at the location where you live, it gives wings to your imagination, seeking the animals entered in forms that turns wood sculptures. Today he lives his art, but it was a hard way here. Worked on the farm and quarry. His father thought that sending children to school was a waste of time and said that “no one eats study.” Manuel Graciano was consecrated and sculptor Francisco, but started on the path of his father soon found its own authorial language. In addition to sculpting in wood brings to the screen the same theme animals and the hinterland.

Size: 43 x 20 x 23 cm.

Price: R$ 940.00.

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