Galeria Pontes at Casa Cor

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Time: May 26 through July 14, 2009. Tuesday through Saturday, from 12 AM to 9 PM; Sunday from 12 AM through 8 PM.Special Sale – July 13 to 14.
Place: Casa Cor São Paulo – Av. Lineu de Paula Machado, 1075 – Jockey Club de São Paulo – Cidade Jardim – SP.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12 PM to 21 PM, Sunday from 12 PM to 20 PM.

“Cabana do Xamã” (“The Shaman’s Hut”), projected by Arthur Casas for Casa Cor, was entirely made with Brazilian artwork. He mixed Brazilian popular art from Galeria Pontes with locally designed pieces, mostly by him. In the article signed by Beto Abolafio, we see that “he feels it is common to sense a certain contempt towards Brazilian popular art. People consider it poor. Well, Arthur goes the opposite direction. A glass niche has been cut through this extension, almost from start to finish, serving as a gallery to expose wood and terracotta artifacts by Fernando Rodrigues, Miramar, Irinéia and Antonio Poteiro, among other artists – some of them anonymous – from different parts of Brazil.

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