Geraldo Fernandes Oliveira

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Born in Minas, more precisely from Divinópolis, he is the grandson of the great artist Geraldo Teles de Oliveira, known as GTO. His grandfather with whom he worked since childhood and from whom he absorbed both the technique of chiseling wood and his unmistakable style was a strong influence upon his work. This way, Geraldo continues his grandfather’s work, actively participating in the preservation of his memory, through the work implemented in the GTO Museum, in Divinópolis. This is what Oliveira says of his grandfather: “If there is a GTO to open the way, the oneiric project can be practiced.” Geraldo Fernandes de Oliveira, GTO’s grandson, seems to capture and transmit very reliably his grandfather’s style, from which he has been absorbing, since early childhood, the process of execution (not only the mental conceptions, but also the form of sketching and carving the relief of the pieces, with a lot of truth and beauty), as if, after such a lot of following, he could learn in an intimate way, incorporating, so to say, a more private part of his grandfather that was available. Source: OLIVEIRA. ARTE EM MADEIRA – Sculptors in Divinópolis – MG. 28/2/2005.

Size: 100 x 100 x 3 cm.

Price: R$ 8,100.00.

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