Isaías Lopes

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Isaías Lopes, born in Belém, Pará, has worked as an artist ever since 1974, and around six years ago he was captivated by natural materials called cuias or coités (vegetable dried shells used for making bowls), that are abundant in the region of the river Quianduba, in Abaetetupa (Pará). He tells us he lived for 12 years in Rio de Janeiro and ended up attending a sculpture course in Parque Lage, with Jaime Sampaio. There he learned to carve on wood, sculpting masks and paddles. Upon returning to Belém, he received an offer to work on regional raw materials with a technique based on the use of gouge chisels (frequently seen on Marajoara pottery). Currently, Isaías Lopes sells everything he makes and teaches youngsters in schools and other organizations.

Size: Postage.

Price: R$ 120.00 (Each).

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