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Aluisio Nogueira Mota was born in Santana de Ipanema in 1932. From childhood he made wooden toys. He developed several abilities as a carpenter and a mechanic, but always enjoyed working on wood. He made cages, wardrobes, beds, coffee crushers, birds and dolls. Out of necessity, he moved to Arapiraca, where he made metal pinwheels to draw water from wells. The first artistic pinwheel represented a group of musicians led by Luiz Gonzaga (very popular Northeastern composer and singer) and was composed by twenty-two dolls. The owner of the well did not appreciate the work and Lampião went on to sell it at the weekly vegetable and greens fair. Other owners of fazendas (country estates) liked it, and each order produced a different scenario. Currently the pinwheels he likes making are Ferris wheels, coffee crushers and weddings. As to his offspring, described by him as “a flock scattered round the world”, none of them inherited this pinwheel-building gift. Nevertheless, his favorite disciple, Zezinho, will continue his work.

Size: 60 x 30 x 15 cm.

Price: R$ 590.00.

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