Manuel Eudócio

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Manuel Eudócio Rodrigues, known as Master Eudócio, was born in 1931, in Pernambuco, at the Alto do Moura community, near the city of Caruaru. This place is famous for the “school” of Master Vitalino (1909-1963), an icon in the art of portraying on clay everyday characters, traditions and habits of the Northeastern people. There is a marked influence of Vitalino in the work of Eudócio and in that of his brother-in- law Zé Caboclo – José Antonio da Silva (1921 – 1973), known as “Vitalino’s first disciple”. Eudócio has created dozens of characters and themes that are today the trademark of his work, such as Lampião and Maria Bonita, Newlyweds on a Horse, Cow Being Milked, Weddings, Old Woman going to Mass, and so many others. Manuel Eudócio bakes his pieces inside a brick kiln, at a low temperature, without resorting to glaze. At a second phase, he generally paints them in strong and brilliant colors. His works belong to assortments of important museums and private collections, such as the Caruaru-Pernambuco Clay Museum, the Recife – Pernambuco Museum of the Northeastern Man, the Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Casa do Pontal Museum, the Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Edison Carneiro Folklore Museum, the Museum Castro Maia (Chácara do Céu) in Rio de Janeiro – RJ. Until today, at the age of 74, the artist’s activity is in full force. In August 2005 he was bestowed a tribute, through his first individual exhibit “Manuel Eudócio – a Living Heritage” in the Folk Artist Room at the Folklore Museum in Rio de Janeiro – RJ. According to Moacir dos Anjos, director of the Aluísio Magalhães Modern Art Museum, in Recife, “Eudócio is the most original and instigating amid living Brazilian artists that work on clay”.

Size: 19 x 45 x 11 cm.

Price: R$ 2,800.00.

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