Nenê Cavalcanti

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Maria das Neves Cavalcanti Moreira, better known as Nené Cavalcanti, was born in Alagoa Nova, hinterland of Paraiba. She went to the capital in order to study and graduated first as a nurse and then as a teacher, but her professional destiny was defined by the course in Art Education, from which she went on to an entire dedication to art. In her sculptures in clay, she uses materials such as nails, screws, barbed wire, springs, semi-precious stones, porcelain tiles, with quite an original effect. Nené also seeks in terracotta a natural way of coloring her pieces, for their burning in an specific kiln for pottery makes them change tones and transform into hues of red, white, yellow, pink, etc. The recurrent themes in her work are women and angels. Her works are spread out in several regions of this country, for she has participated in numerous exhibits.

Size: 58 x 20 x 20 cm.

Price: R$ 850.00.

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