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Antônio Batista de Sousa (Antônio Poteiro) was born in Santa Cristina de Pousa (Portugal), in the year of 1925. Upon arriving in Brazil, while still a child he lived in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, in the Bananal Island among the Carajás and finally settled in Goiânia. Earning his life as a maker of utilitarian pottery (from this came his nickname Poteiro), little by little he imprinted artistic quality to his work, stimulated by Antonio de Melo and by the painter and folklorist Regina Lacerda. As the years went by, many of his pots incorporated the condition of authentic pottery sculptures, surmounting their original condition of simple household vessels, and revealing, in their ever-growing complexity and elaborate ornamentation, an imagination obsessed by the unusual and fantastic. As he went on to painting, stimulated by Siron Franco and other Goiano artists, he brought to his painting the same elements used in his pottery pieces, favoring themes born from dreams and nightmares. Among Brazilian artists, he is one of the best known and appreciated abroad, because of the large number of international exhibits he has been in, ever since 1972.

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