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Gilvan José Meira Lins Samico (Recife PE 1928). Writer, painter, designer, teacher. In 1952, Gilvan Samico founded, along with other artists, the Collective Workshop of the Society of Modern Art in Recife – MRSA, designed by Abelardo da Hora (1924). Studies engraving with Livio Abramo (1903 – 1992) in 1957 at the School of Crafts and the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo – MAM / SP. The following year, moved to the Rio de Janeiro, where he attends engraving Oswaldo Goeldi (1895 – 1961) at the National School of Fine Arts – Enba. Possessed of great technical mastery, is dedicated to performing elaborate textures with linear rhythms in their work. In 1965, he moves to Olinda. Woodcut teaches at the Federal University of Paraíba – UFPB. In 1968, with foreign travel award obtained in 17th National Salon of Modern Art, remains for two years in Europe. In 1971, he was invited by Ariano Suassuna to integrate the Armorial Movement, returned to northeastern popular culture and musical literature. Its production is marked by the recovery of the northeastern folk ballads, through the musical literature and the creative use of woodcut. His etchings are populated by biblical characters and others from local legends and narratives, as well as fantastic and mythical animals. With the presentation of a new theme, introduces a formal simplification in their jobs, reducing the use of color and textures.

Size: 112 x 73 cm.

Price: R$ 20,000.00.

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