Tribute to Lélia Coelho Frota and Antonio Poteiro

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In the last two weeks Brazilian Folk Art suffered two great losses: Lélia Coelho Frota and Antonio Poteiro. The contribution of both has been enormous. Each one of them contributed individually so we could increasingly admire Folk Art.

Lélia, through her intellect and refined sensitivity, helped us better understand and know the Brazilian people’s soul. She wrote priceless books such as “Mythopoetics of 9 Brazilian Artists” and “Small Dictionary of the Brazilian People Art”. It is unfortunate that I did not personally meet her.

Poteiro rendered the world more beautiful with his art. He transformed saints into beings that are closer and more humane, when molding them in clay. With his brush he went on coloring and reviving everything he portrayed. I consider Poteiro so important and admire his work so much that all the Galeria Pontes graphic material, starting with the logo, emerged from an extremely beautiful painting of his.

Edna Matosinho de Pontes

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