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Vieira always lived with art and artists since he was a boy. His father besides being a builder of boats was a wonderful sculptor in small formats. He used the cedar to develop their exquisite finishing works. Vieira is inventive and so meticulous as his father used to be. He is a sculptor-painter and works involving other materials in his inventions. Vieira uses the wood to produce animals, and human beings inspired in men and women of his region. All his works are painted in warm colours using oil paint. Their women are always dressed in cheerful clothes and carry around the chest a brooch, or decorated with curved beads earrings ( sometimes he uses jewelry broken and unused). In addition to this rich imagery, the artist develops some utilitarian pieces/furniture: rocking chairs, loveseats that bring in his paintings of scenes of that country side or themes such as love and freedom.

Size: 68 x 68 x 22 cm.

Price: R$ 980.00.

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