Zé Bezerra

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One cannot talk about Zé Bezerra without situating him beforehand in his habitat, the Catimbau Valley in the vast Pernambuco hinterland, one of the most important Brazilian archeological sites and a true ecological sanctuary. Zé Bezerra lives in the Buíque municipality, among fossils of prehistoric animals and cave inscriptions of more than 5000 years that register the life and customs of the earliest inhabitants of this region. The book Hand-Made Pernambuco brings us a sensitive portrait of his art: “Totemic enigmatic figures that emerge from collective ancestral imagery. The brutal color of the raw material imparts expressiveness to the sculpture: the volume concision corresponds to the power of a sphinx and its contour displays lines that are almost straight without relinquishing a thorough spatial definition. The volumetry, seemingly quite symmetrical and economical in visual elements, does not hide or renounce to details that are decisive to the eye and to the delight of the senses.” The photographer and journalist Eduardo Issa refers to him with a moved description: “Returning from Breus, heading for the Catimbau village, a picturesque and charismatic figure turned the backyard of his house into an artistic space to expose his works. Zé Bezerra, 54, ‘cabra da roça’ (rugged man from the hinterland) and a small farmer with his face creased by time, from 2002 on became an artisan and started to transform fallen trees, trunk pieces and roots into pure art. His works portray very different figures, such as heads of people, ox carts and animals, everything that composes the backcountry universe. For Zé Bezerra, the form and destiny of his works are decided at the very moment when he lays his hands on that piece of wood and what has to be done enters his mind. The result is fabulous; the pieces seem to want to say something to the visitors.”

Size: 118 x 50 x 66 cm.

Price: R$ 5,200.00.

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